The Elli table comprises 4 lacquered ‘L’ shape birch plywood legs bolted to the underside of 24mm melamine faced plywood tabletops and is available in a variety of sizes most typically 600 x 1200mm and 750 x 1500.

Peggi tables also come in the same sizes as the Elli tables but the legs comprise birch dowels with a specially engineered butterfly connections ‘pegged’ into the underside of tabletops. Within the Peggi range there are also bistro, coffee and bedside tables all using the ‘pegged’ birch dowel connection.

The Emmi table comprises rigid subframe of ‘M’ shaped legs held apart with two birch dowels. This table is typically available with a 600 x 1200mm table top but larger sizes are available. Bespoke sizes and colours are available for most tables.


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Peggi Table

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