Sylvi 6 Top Starter Panel

£50 inc. VAT

Sideboard 6 Top Starter Panel

The Sylvi 6 system comprises of 600mm wide by 450mm deep modules

The Sylvi 6 Top Starter Panel tops off a single, or stack of Sylvi 6 Starter modules

Measurements: W 61.8 D 45.9 H 1.8 cm

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At Morfus® we take an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of high-quality, adaptive and super-cool modular storage furniture, which is interwoven with our passion, design expertise, craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

Sustainable: Manufactured in the UK from sustainable European sourced birch.
Modular: The unique modular approach to storage gives you ultimate flexibility, both at home and in the office.
Adaptable: Flexible to meet your changing storage needs, cool enough for both home and office.
Robust: To deal with the hard knocks of a busy office, and warm to the touch to suit your home.
Timeless: Designed to exploit the expressive, natural and tactile qualities of birch plywood, and using the interlocking assembly system to give further character, the shapes and surfaces create the perfect complement to any space, any time.

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