What happens if a plywood component gets damaged?

Morfus is made from tough plywood components with a scratch resistant melamine surface. In the unlikely event that a component is damaged then it is easily replaced. Just send us an email and we will sort out what you need and explain how a plywood panel is replaced.

What tools do I need to assemble Morfus?

Morfus is mostly assembled using a simple philips screwdriver. Some components like the connecting dowels are best tapped into position and this should be done by using a timber mallet or by a using steel hammer but with a timber block between the hammer and the plywood. Banging the plywood with a steel hammer will damage the plywood. Morfus comes with clear assembly instructions.

How easy is it to assembly the furniture?

Morfus is easily assembled with a philips screwdriver and for knocking dowels into position a timber mallet is needed. Morfus comes with clear and simple step by step assembly instructions but if you have any doubts please ask us or we can recommend a flat pack assembly company who knows how Morfus works.

Can all the Morfus furniture be mounted on legs?

The Morfus legs are designed to be attached to the underside of all bookcase and side board units. These can be purchased at the time of ordering the furniture or at a later date if your needs change.

What happens if I want a morfus configuration that I don’t see on the website?

The beauty of the Morfus patent pending storage system is that it can be configured into pretty much any combination of horizontal and vertical units. If the suggested configurations shown on the web site do not suit you, just let us know what combination you require and we will be happy to put a bespoke order together for you. That applies to both furniture combination sand colours. Special colours are no problem but take a little longer than the standard colours.

Can you do special Morfus colours to order?

There are a standard range of colour options show on the website for doors, drawer fronts, and boxes. The back panels can also be in the standard colour range. All these colour options can become bespoke to your particular colour requirements. Just let us know what you have in mind by way of a colour reference and we will sort out the rest.

What is the maximum size book the bookcase system can take?

The standard clear shelf height for books is 327mm. Books of that height will fit. The bookcase shelves are a clear 290mm deep and the sideboard shelves are a clear 440mm deep. Doors on the bookcases and sideboards will reduce this overall clear depth by 18mm.

What is the finish on the furniture?

The plywood is constructed from layers of birch with a factory bonded white waterproof melamine sheet on the outside. This is one of the hardest wearing plastics and because of its tough surface properties is used commonly to manufacture cutlery and plates. The exposed laminated edges of the plywood are sanded and then the applied natural Beeswax is buffed. This results in resilient and lustred edge to the distinctive birch plywood material. During the life of the Morfus furniture re-waxing may be desired. Natural Beeswax is EN71 Part 3 Approved and therefore safe for use on toys.

Can the Morfus shelves and bookcase be wall mounted?

Yes Morfus can be wall mounted. The open shelving system comes with keyhole type mounting sockets recessed into the back of the shelves and these can be easily dropped onto wall screws set at the required centres. The bookcase and sideboard systems are also designed to be wall mounted using a Morfus track and bracket system to be released shortly. All Morfus storage furniture can be retrospectively mounted onto the track system.

What modules does Morfus come in?

The standard Morfus horizontal module width for both the Bookcase and the Sideboard units is 600mm centre to centre. That means each time you add a unit horizontally the width increases by 600mm. A three module width for example would be 1818mm which comprises three 600mm modules plus one upright thickness of 18mm. For a four module width the overall dimension would be 2418mm. The clear internal width of each module is 582mm.

The standard vertical module for both the Bookcase and the Sideboard units is 345mm. After subtracting the shelf thickness of 18mm a clear shelf height of 327mm is created which is suitable for most books, filing and magazine storage.

The Bookcase unit is 309mm deep which creates a clear shelf depth of 290mm. The Sideboard unit is 459mm deep which creates a clear shelf depth of 440mm.

Depending on demand we anticipate introducing a 750mm or 900mm second module width that can be used in conjunction with the 600mm module. Please let us know your thoughts.

How does the zero carbon calculation work?

In recognition of the environmental impact of our business we have decided to
contribute to the creation and protection of new native woodlands in the UK that will not only capture, over time, the CO2 emissions from our activities, but will also provide significant other environmental and social benefit to the UK. These woodlands are certified to ISO standards under the UK government Woodland Carbon Code, and meet international environmental and carbon project rules.

We have therefore calculated the CO2 produced in the manufacture of the plywood, the machining into the different Morfus components, their transport to the docks, the shipping to the UK, the transport to the customer’s door. Trees are then planted under the Woodland Carbon Code that sequester this same quantity of CO2. The CO2 calculated will be reviewed year on year and investment in new native UK woodland adjusted accordingly.

What are the advantages of Morfus over other modular storage systems?

Unlike box on box modular storage systems Morfus builds into rigid composite furniture that can be floor mounted, wall mounted or free standing.

Morfus is also endlessly reconfigurable and designed to adapt to your evolving needs in terms of size, function and even colour. And to the environmentally conscience, unlike the competition, all the energy used in the manufacture of the plywood, its transport to the UK and manufacture into the Morfus system is carefully calculated and in accordance with the UK Woodland Carbon Code trees are planted to absorb the equivalent quantity of C02.

Who could carry out the furniture assembly, and what are furniture assembly costs?

We have discussed Morfus assembly costs with various nationwide furniture assembly companies and agreed the following rates below with Screwdriver Limited.

Please confirm these prices with Screwdriver as for multiple item purchases the pricing may be different and congestion charges may apply to certain areas of the country.

Suite D, Delta House
70 South View Avenue

Tel: 0800 454 828 or 0118 948 4400

Email: info@screwdriver-flatpack.co.uk

Item Accessories Cost inc.VAT & call out
Bookcase 6 1.2 £52.00
Bookcase 6 3.3 £63.00
Bookcase 6 3.3 3 drawers & 3 doors £118.00
Bookcase 6 4.2 £52.00
Bookcase 6 4.2 6 drawers & 2 doors £140.00
Bookcase 6 4.4 £96.00
Bookcase 6 4.4 4 drawers & 4 doors £184.00
Sideboard 6.1.1 £52.00
Sideboard 6.3.1 £74.00
Sideboard 6.3.1 4 drawers £96.00
Sideboard 6.3.2 £74.00
Sideboard 6.3.2 4 drawers & 2 doors £162.00
Sideboard 6.4.3 £85.00
Sideboard 6.4.3 4 drawers & 8 doors £217.00
What are typical Morfus delivery times?

For Sylvi, Benji and Walli assemblies stock is held for immediate packing and despatch which typically means delivery within 5-10 days of an order.

For very large orders stock is held of the melamine faced plywood which can be quickly converted to Morfus components which typically means delivery within 10 – 15 days of an order.

For bespoke orders the period required for manufacture, packing and despatch will depend very much on design time and quantity. 15 – 20 days would be an approximate guide.