At Morfus® we take an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of high-quality, adaptive modular furniture systems, which is interwoven with our passion, design expertise, craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

The intelligent adaptive honeycomb structure embodied into its DNA makes Morfus a stronger, lighter, and smarter solution than anything else on the market. Striving for sustainability in everything it does Morfus is a product for life with a balanced carbon footprint.

Our passion for customer service, peerless product quality and sustainability could only be realised by ensuring that the entire UK design and manufacturing in our Latvian factory are monitored in the UK from our base in London.

Morfus has redefined the rules of the furniture industry and is planning to introduce exciting new collections of contemporary product ranges based on intelligent solutions that breathe new identity and functionality into modern living and working spaces.